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Welcome and our school mission

Mission statement 

As the family of St. Mary’s, learning and

growing in God’s love, joyfully,

we pray, play and respect all, changing our world forever.














Welcome to St Mary's RC Primary school website.

Within the site you will find all the information you will need about our school.

For school documents and policies please check the "information for parents" section of the site. Also, see Useful Links for recent attainment and progress information. There is a link to the School Data Dashboard in this area.

For school news and upcoming events please check the "News" section of the site.

The Children's Area is the largest part of the site. This section has information about many of the activities our children take part in.

For pictures or videos of the school please check the "Gallery" section.

For links to useful websites please check the "links" section. An important link is the Ofsted Parent View. You can let Ofsted know your views about St. Mary's on this site. I would encourage to do so so that school can see what issues are concerning you or what you are plesed with at St. Mary's!

You can also download the school prospectus from the About Us. If you have any issues at all you can get in touch with us by using the Contact Us section of the website or by using our contact list.  

We hope you enjoy using our website and if any parents /carers want any paper copy of the information on your school’s website,this wil alwys be provided this free of charge.


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