St. Mary's RC Langley
Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark - Gold Award

27 March 2018

Today we have had confirmation that we have achieved the Gold Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark Award after a visit from Rachel Redmond - Trust Development Manager. 

The Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark is online self-review tool which provides schools with a nationally recognised badge of excellence for PE and school sport. The tool supports schools to audit their PE provision and identify priorities for their development plan.

The tool has been aligned to Ofsted guidance supporting the PE and Sport Premium and comprises a series of straightforward benchmarking statements, where you can select your level of provision in these areas:

  • Overall vision for PE, physical activity and school sport
  • Quality of PE
  • Quality of school sport
  • Quality of physical activity
  • Use of PE, physical activity and sport as a catalyst for wider learning
Below is the review that was sent to the school by the Youth Sport Trust as they have awarded us the top recognisition for School PE and Sport. 
I am pleased to confirm that you have successfully achieved the Gold Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark. You have this award for the next two years.  I was so impressed with your passion and commitment to St. Mary’s and the opportunities that all pupils have to fulfil their potential.


The School has an embedded ethos and culture for PE, Sport and Physical Activity and this is evident right through the school staff community. The pupils that I met were a credit to the school and not afraid to share their thoughts with me. I saw and listened to many wonderful things at St. Mary’s and some of the highlights include:


  • The ownership of lunchtime activities by the students which has led to increased activity contributing to the 30 active minutes and there are less behaviour instances on the playground
  • Sailing and horse riding opportunities working a partnership with local providers
  • The purchase of balance bikes in EYFS to ensure those pupils who do not have access to a bike can learn to ride which in turn supports the success of Bikeability further up the school
  • Further support in EYFS through take home bags so that parents can play with their children to support and re-enforce learning at home
  • An after school programme which is oversubscribed and free to access for all pupils, where pupils who do not attend an extra-curricular club are identified and send personal invites to attend 
  • The curriculum is broad and balanced and pupils efforts are celebrated on a regular basis
  • Pupil voice is strong and the views of students can influence decisions
  • Links with other schools to ensure they have access to competitive opportunities regardless of ability
  • Strong parental engagement, ‘parents would say that the PE and Sport is a strength of the school’
  • Introduction to Active Numeracy through Maths of the Day with the intention to include Active Literacy in future. Brain break and wet break videos to ensure pupils are re-energised and also active even where there is wet weather
  • Sport Week, Healthy Schools Week and Healthy Eating features heavily in the school calendar and pupils can articulate the importance of healthy lifestyles
  • All of the above means that pupils are achieving 5 hours per week of PE, Sport and 60 minutes a day of Physical Activity.


As I mentioned during my visit that I would make some recommendations:


  • Swimming – results are low in terms of those achieving 25 meters, now you need to report this on our school website use this as an opportunity for you to attend lessons and see how the pupils are being taught. How can funding be used to support ‘Top up Swimming’ for those not achieving the minimum requirements.   
  • Impact – you are doing some fantastic work and if you can capture qualitative and quantitative; present this in line with your impact for PE Premium it will help to further strengthen the role of PE, Sport and Physical Activity. For example, how is Maths of the Day impacting on attainment?
  • Staff CPD – please consider that as staff are not delivering PE if they are being  de-skilled in particular those members of staff that move on and have to teach PE at their new school


Everything you are doing is giving long term benefits to those students that are currently in school and future pupils. The Senior leadership are a fantastic support and commit more than what is reported on your website.

Thank you for everything that you do for PE, Sport and Physical Activity at St. Mary’s and I look forward to seeing you again soon.  


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