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What Happens at Forest School

What Happens At A Forest School

Forest Schools are long term programmes within a natural space, lead by Mr Feighan and Mr Kershaw. They will focus on developing personal, social and emotional life skills through learner led, nature-based learning.

Initially, our Forest School Project will run from within our school grounds allowing the children to become comfortable with an outdoor approach to education and play whilst in familiar surroundings. Allowing relationships based around trust and self-exploration to develop with the Forest School Leaders who start to facilitate a more child led outdoor curriculum when the group are ready they familiarise themselves with the route to the wood either on foot or by bus.

Eventually each Forest School group will then have their introductory sessions in the external woodland area, exploring the site establishing physical and behavioural boundaries. Safety procedures, hygiene and routines.

Once a group are established in the woodland and routines are set up the project develops through a child led approach with opportunities for projects being taken back to the indoor setting to be continued.

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