St. Mary's RC Langley
Chaplains visit St Gabriel's, Bury for a Celebration

Weronika and Leonna represented the Chaplaincy Team on a visit to St Gabriel's in Bury for the celebration of another great year of Chaplaincy in Catholic schools in our Diocese.  While there, we saw presentations from some of the other teams, showing what they had done during this year at school, and listened to inspirational speakers such as Chris Lubbe, who was Nelson Mandela's bodyguard, Sister Judith and Canon McBride.  We travelled in the Minibus with St John Fisher's Chaplains, and had a photo taken with them.  Weronika and Leonna were also brave enough to ask a question of Sister Judith - Would Bishop John come to our Morning Worship one day?  Let's wait and see if he does - an exciting thought for next year!!!

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